Noah + Jessica | Eclectic Picnic Wedding

Oh, friends. These two. They are the sweetest most precious couple! Jessica and I crossed paths her last semester at Texas Wesleyan in a creative writing class, and I am so thankful that we did. She has the most gentle and kind spirit about her, and Noah compliments that perfectly. Their wedding day was full of those kind of moments in life you truly just want to treasure forever. Noah even wrote Jessica a song that he sang during their first look, as well as during the ceremony, and it certainly tugged at the heart strings! This eclectic picnic wedding was full of so much joy and laughter, and I am overjoyed to share a few of my favorite frames from the day!


"There's this girl I like, well, I love her

I'm not good enough, but I'm a fighter..." - Our Adventure, Noah Irvin 

Venue: The Grove 

Photographer: Sarah Delanie Photography

Videographer: Julian Butler

Florist: Angelica Zelenova

Wedding Dress: Davids Bridal 

Hair & Makeup: Hannah Hardeman, Kirsten Anderson

Brides Shoes: Mod Cloth

Wedding Day Song: