Out Of Office | August 14th to September 29th

Gone Hiking The Camino De Santiago

“There are moments in life when we simply have to start walking. We often don’t know exactly where we are going or how we are going to get there, but we know that if we are going to move on, if we are going to arrive at our destination, we must begin to walk.” - Father Dave Pivonka

It was in a tearful car ride with my mom that my heart finally cracked, and my mouth uttered words I didn’t know I had been searching for.

“What if I just put all my belongings in storage, move home for a few months once my lease is up and go hike the Camino de Santiago?” 

She paused, and in the silence I held my breath, only to be met with a clear and calm, “Okay.”

Slightly shocked, I sat in silence as we drove down a windy back road with damp cheeks and puffy eyes- breathing again.

I need to walk.

Fast forward a few months, and my plane ticket was purchased, half of my apartment belongings stored in my grandmother’s garage, and the other half stuffed into the closet of my old room.

A small corner near my bedroom window was now the resting place of backpacking gear gradually piling up, and every time I glance over at it from my desk I smile. 

I’ve found myself in a long season (long meaning longer than what I’m comfortable with) of internal rearrangement, and it’s disorientating as hell.

Camino de Santiago means ‘The Way of Saint James,’ and is a pilgrimage that has been around since the 9th century. It’s rich with history, and to keep this post short I’ll leave the googling/research to you if you’re interested in understanding more about it.

As I began to study the life of Saint James before the Camino, I found myself meditating on what it must have been like to have been called by Jesus to follow him- as James was the first apostle to be called, along with his brother John. 

It was an ‘about-face’ of sorts for these men. 

My own disorientation seems to stem from what feels like an ‘about-face,’ for me in my walk with Jesus. It’s the process of being turned, but not really knowing what I’m turning around toward that the enneagram 8w9 in me isn’t a huge fan of.

All I can do right now is believe that He will set my feet on solid ground, and that has been the hope I’ve clung to in this season of untangling all that is unresolved in my heart.

I’m just trying to do what many of us are - make sense of this life. Trying to connect the dots, see the story, hear the story and understand the story, so the artist in me can tell it well. 

I need a faith that’s thicker than blood.

I need solid ground. 

And all I know is that if I’m ever going to find what I’m searching for, I just need to walk. 

I’ll be gone August 14-September 29th hiking the Camino de Santiago, which is over 500 miles on foot from the boarder of France to the Coast of Spain.

I will have my phone, but will be deleting social media off of it until I get back, so things will feel pretty quiet over here for a while! I will have my email as a point of contact, but while I expect to respond to emails the best I can, the response times will not be prompt or consistent, so for those of you who may be reaching out / waiting for responses within this time frame, thank you for your patience!

I will be back in my office on Monday, September 30th and look forward to slowly sharing pieces of my journey with you all as it’s ready to be shared!

Buen Camino,

Sarah Delanie